I am a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and art director, whose career has encompassed a demanding role as Art Director for the Seattle Art Museum, as well as graphic design and art direction for retail advertising. I have years of experience in design, marketing, advertising, branding, and a proven track record of creating powerful graphic communications for my clients.
I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Western Washington University, where I also studied fine art, illustration, and art history.
Drawing has always been an integral part of my life. My favorite media are pastel, pencil, colored pencil, and digital art. I have also volunteered for many years as an Elementary School Art Docent, creating lesson plans and teaching art skills to young students. 
"Lea McLean is the consummate design pro: she listens thoughtfully, asks smart questions, and then goes above and beyond to deliver against our design and graphics requirements.  She is a member of our team now and into the future and a joy to work with."
—Jason Warner, CEO/Founder, RecruitingDash

"Lea has been Nuflours’ graphic designer and illustrator since 2015, right after we opened our brick and mortar. From our store design and logo, Lea created a comprehensive brand that is recognizable across all our channels. She’s created marketing collateral, event banners, product packaging and in-store signage.

Whenever Lea and I meet, I feel like she brings just as much passion to Nuflours — she really cares about us and what we look like. In all the years I’ve worked with Lea, we haven’t had a single typo in our materials. She’s gone above and beyond to make sure Nuflours looks good. 

Her approach is perfect for a small business owner that wears multiple hats. And, I feel like she has my back. She catches missing information, edits, does in-depth research and so much more! She’s hands on and is a proactive problem solver. Lea is always there for me, even under fast and tight deadlines. 

I would recommend Lea to any person or company needing illustration and design work. She’s a superstar!"
—Amanda Bedell, CEO/Co-Founder, Nuflours Bakery

"Lea's designs improved SAM's graphic identity immensely, bringing a unique, elegant and sophisticated look to all of her projects. Lea has created thoughtful, efficient designs that exceeded the expectations of her clients and built strong relationships with every museum department, helping each one achieve a new graphic standard."
—Mimi Gates, The Illsley Ball Nordstrom Director, Seattle Art Museum

"Lea's design style was extremely successful for SAM (Seattle Art Museum). It complimented and flattered the works of art she was charged to bring to life. Her keen use of color increased the impact of the artwork and visuals, and her expansive knowledge of typeface and paper stock allowed her to build unique, 'signature' pieces."
—Maryann Jordan, Senior Deputy Director, Seattle Art Museum

"Lea is the best graphic designer I have ever worked with. Her thoroughness and attention to detail mean nothing ever slips through the cracks. She has a keen eye that elevates projects to the next level. Her commitment to creating the best possible work results in a final product you will be proud to be associated with. Did I mention she is also an incredible illustrator? Her wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing and makes her a joy to work with! Hooray for Lea!"
—Nicole Curry, Senior Copy Editor, Nordstrom

"As the copywriter on some of Lea's art direction and graphic design projects, I was lucky enough to work with one of the most creative, innovative, and capable people I have ever met. She is efficient, talented and has a particular eye for detail that makes every project cohesive, on-message and above all, beautiful."
—Sophie Peterson, Freelance Writer, Executive Assistant

"With about 200 clients, we have a lot of perspective in seeing how different companies and projects are handled. I would put Lea head and shoulders above the rest. Lea can "fly up to the 10,000 foot level and look down" to see the whole process from client needs to expected results."
—Dan Sturgeon, Former President, Signet Press, AE, Quality Press